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Get more out of secure, fund-based asset management

Asset management with funds combines attractive return opportunities with individual tax advantages and high hedging standards. This means targeted, long-term benefits for investors.

In addition to asset management at the custody account level, clients of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG also have flexible asset management in individual funds at their disposal. Investment funds offer a wide range of attractive advantages for investors – from diversification to targeted selection by sector, market, or other criteria.

But investors want to rely above all on high security standards. In this context, strict and uniform legal regulations for investment funds throughout the EU ensure a high level of investment security and greater transparency with regard to reporting when it comes to transactions, costs, and earnings development. Moreover, securities contained in funds are special assets eligible for segregation. This provides investors with additional protection in the event of a default of the custodian bank or investment company. In addition to standard risk controls and the monitoring of the specific investment guidelines and fund rules, comprehensive risk management in the context of other applicable legal norms must also be ensured for funds under the Investment Funds Act. Investment funds thus offer investors a secure basis in many respects.

Compared with investments in individual securities at the custody account level, fund-based asset management generally offers additional tax advantages for investors. Funds are generally not subject to the value added tax on management and custody fees. Moreover, earnings generated can be offset against all expenses incurred by the fund administration. Finally, losses can be carried forward to subsequent periods only within funds, subject to legally valid guidelines. In sum, investment funds offer you individually usable advantages in several respects: return opportunities, hedging mechanisms, and tax advantages.

We also offer you a wide range of mutual funds managed by us, reflecting our clients' various risk and return profiles. Asset prices can fluctuate considerably depending on the strategy, and capital losses are possible. With the LLB specialists at your side, you can also rely on optimal expertise when setting up a special fund designed according to your specifications. This is how individualised investing with the LLB can be. Please note:Investing in securities also involves risks, asset prices can fluctuate considerably depending on the strategy, and capital losses are possible.

This is a marketing notification. The information contained in this publication constitutes neither a request or an offer, nor a recommendation on the acquisition or sale of funds or on carrying out other transactions. A marketing notification serves a mere marketing purpose, is no legally binding contractual document, is not provided for by mandatory law and does not suffice as a basis for decisions on investments or replace individual investment advice. By purchasing a fund you acquire share certificates in the fund and not the financial instruments invested in the same directly. The costs of the fund, such as, e.g., the management fee or the offering premium, reduce the return/performance of the fund.