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Specifically developed by us so you can keep track of everything

A personal portfolio information system ensures an optimal perspective for the long term. We take a systematic approach – and you benefit most from it.

Even just a single fund and its structure already contain a large amount of data and information that has to be generated regularly. When it comes to an entire portfolio, the individual investor can hardly maintain an overview without a large administrative apparatus or additional know-how, let alone analyse it in an appropriate and systematic manner. But investors nevertheless want to ensure that they can keep track of their assets on a continuous basis.

This is where our innovative and secure client information system (TIPAS) comes in. It gives all interested clients convenient online access to all relevant datasets as well as detailed overviews that are updated daily and prepared in an optimal way. The presentation includes a wide range of information on all values posted to bank accounts and custody accounts as well as individually definable options for calling up meaningful evaluations of account movements, performance figures, and benchmark comparisons.