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    Our investment philosophy stands for long-term values

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Your values are the basis of our investment philosophy

The investment policy and investment process of the entire LLB Group are value-oriented in many respects. This also shapes our investment philosophy to a very significant extent.

Our investment philosophy is sustainably focused on creating and maintaining value. We believe that the structured analysis of the real economy and the financial market environment provides a solid basis for this value-oriented investment approach. Taking into account both quantitative and qualitative aspects, we derive attractive and efficient portfolios that maximise the expected return at a rigorously defined risk. For this purpose, we use various approaches, all of which are invariably committed to a single investment objective: to preserve assets as a priority and expand them over the long term.

Our total return approach, for example, likewise prioritises real asset preservation. Systematic risk management is thus an integral part of our investment process. Reduction of any portfolio risks through broad diversification by asset class and individual security is also part of this commitment. Especially in times of crisis or when market scenarios remain highly volatile, we take active measures to protect our assets and our clients. This would occur, for instance, if financial markets decouple themselves from fair value or if negative trends persist. In our total return mandates, we could then deviate very significantly as needed from previously defined and agreed strategic asset class weightings or specific benchmarks.

When selecting securities, we focus our resources and expertise on the most important core markets. Value and an attractive risk/return ratio are the top priority. Asset prices can fluctuate considerably depending on the strategy, and capital losses are possible. We do not follow temporary investment hype or other short-term trends, but rather make targeted investments in solid companies and issuers that are promising for the long run.

The transparent investment expertise of the LLB Group makes this deliberately chosen LLB investment policy particularly effective in many respects. With clearly formulated statements on the optimal investment strategy, we always get to the heart of our investment philosophy for our clients and partners. On this basis, we manage client funds entrusted to us for the long term in accordance with individually agreed investment objectives. We see this trust as the highest acclaim when it comes to protecting your values.

This is a marketing notification. The information contained in this publication constitutes neither a request or an offer, nor a recommendation on the acquisition or sale of funds or on carrying out other transactions. A marketing notification serves a mere marketing purpose, is no legally binding contractual document, is not provided for by mandatory law and does not suffice as a basis for decisions on investments or replace individual investment advice. By purchasing a fund you acquire share certificates in the fund and not the financial instruments invested in the same directly. The costs of the fund, such as, e.g., the management fee or the offering premium, reduce the return/performance of the fund.