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Capital & Markets – We keep you informed about current market developments

Stay informed and get to know the trends for important investment topics. In our Capital & Markets magazine, we provide you with a monthly market assessment.

The thematic focus areas are the detailed market assessment provided by our Asset Management team and the presentation of the LLB investment strategies.

The market assessment part systematically analyses the most important currencies and asset classes, discussing current macroeconomic developments as well as their impact on the economy and interest rates.

Our LLB investment strategies give our readers in-depth insights into the different risk-return models, especially in regard to investment horizon and the asset classes employed. Tactical asset allocation discussions also provide in-depth knowledge.

With reference to the brochure, please  note that in addition to the opportunities described, risks (price risk, currency risk, possible capital losses) may also arise in connection with an investment.

This is a marketing notification. The information contained in this publication constitutes neither a request or an offer, nor a recommendation on the acquisition or sale of funds or on carrying out other transactions. A marketing notification serves a mere marketing purpose, is no legally binding contractual document, is not provided for by mandatory law and does not suffice as a basis for decisions on investments or replace individual investment advice. By purchasing a fund you acquire share certificates in the fund and not the financial instruments invested in the same directly. The costs of the fund, such as, e.g., the management fee or the offering premium, reduce the return/performance of the fund.